How much money have I paid for WoW?

I was wondering about how much money I have spent on Warcraft in my 6 years, 4 months of playing.

I had Disneyland annual passes for a few years, because when you broke down the cost of the pass by how many days we went, it was cheaper to have annual passes for all of us then to go to the movies once a month. Plus, a movie is only 2-3 hours long, and Disneyland we were there from 8-12 hours. I’m sure the Knotts passes we have work out to be an even better deal since they cost way less.

Back to Warcraft.

I’ve been playing WoW since Feb 15, 2008. That’s roughly 2310 Days total. Out of 2310 days, I have spent 440 of them (estimating- I just checked my main toons, not the abandoned under level 50 toons) days logged into WoW. I say logged into WoW because quite often I log in, and a kid needs something, and 2 hours later I see my toon log itself off and I really didn’t play any.

I’ve spent $1085 on Warcraft.┬áThat’s my $14.99 sub fee each month (I really should buy the 6 month one), expansions, name changes, an authenticator, and some character transfers and 3 Blizzcons. That’s not too bad.

If I divide it by my time played, that’s $2.46 per day played.

Where else can you get a day of fun for $2.46?

I didn’t count my WoW shirts, hairbows, stickers on my cars, sweatshirt, food, gas or parking at blizzcon. You could probably add in another $500 total for that, as I live close by Blizzcon and don’t eat much (or drink much).

The friends, fun, and accomplishments I have had while playing WoW are just like that corny commercial; priceless.




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