In the Writing Lab……

So I started going back to school. It’s been interesting. One of the most interesting parts of it is the Reading/Writing Lab. This lab is mandatory, since attendance counts for 10% of your grade. You have to sign up for a certain one hour time slot a week. While you are in there, there is tables to write at, computers to use, and tutors to look over your papers or help you with stuff. Apparently, some teachers assign work that must be done while you are there. My teacher doesn’t. I wrote in one of my Journal prompts about how the lab was my only quiet time to get work done, so I am hoping that pity is taken on me (us) and he doesn’t assign any work to be done there.

The first time I went I just sat and did some pre-writing for some of my homework, and read the articles I needed for an assignment.

The second time I went, I decided I would type my English essay, so I sat at a computer. I’m pretty tech savvy. I pushed the on button. Nothing happened. I held the on button. Nothing happened. I pushed it a few times, put my hand on top to see if I felt it working. Nothing. So I switched computers and went down the same list. I looked around and saw other people working. I then pushed the button to the monitor. WHAT DO YOU KNOW? It was starting up. So now I know I must turn on the computer AND the monitor. I guess I am spoiled at home when all that starts up automatically.

So I look for Word so I can start typing my essay. There’s no word processing program on this computer, unless I want to use notepad. I can, however, use Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. I though about messing with that (I type around 70 WPM), but then looked through my other options. There were a few reading programs and Internet Explorer. Thankfully they had firefox, so I logged into my English class and got an assignment done there. Problem is, you get exactly an hour, and then they kick everyone out for the next group. I still had 15 min left. Not enough to do anything, but enough time to get really, really bored.

So, I thought about bacon. Then I thought about the school’s cafeteria. They offer pancakes with two eggs and two meats. I wondered if the meat was bacon. I wondered if it was a random meat. I wondered if their was a certain day that it was a certain meat, and that I should plan for the days they have bacon. Then I admired their area for skateboard parking. I should skateboard there just so I can leave it under the skateboard parking sign. Next came some pondering about what I needed to buy at Costco. I wished I could buy some bacon at Costco, but that wasn’t really something I needed to be buying. I debated trying to find the Math lab after the English one, but I was hungry and wanted to go to Costco. I then mentally yelled at myself for not being mature enough to eat breakfast before going to school. I never really ate before high school, why is it suddenly an issue that I ate before college?

I also noticed none of the clocks on the wall in the lab work. The clock in the dance studio doesn’t work either. I should start wearing a watch to school. I can’t check my phone and dance. I can check my phone in the lab, or look at the clock on the computer. The ancient computer. How can a computer not have word?

Until next week…..


How much money have I paid for WoW?

I was wondering about how much money I have spent on Warcraft in my 6 years, 4 months of playing.

I had Disneyland annual passes for a few years, because when you broke down the cost of the pass by how many days we went, it was cheaper to have annual passes for all of us then to go to the movies once a month. Plus, a movie is only 2-3 hours long, and Disneyland we were there from 8-12 hours. I’m sure the Knotts passes we have work out to be an even better deal since they cost way less.

Back to Warcraft.

I’ve been playing WoW since Feb 15, 2008. That’s roughly 2310 Days total. Out of 2310 days, I have spent 440 of them (estimating- I just checked my main toons, not the abandoned under level 50 toons) days logged into WoW. I say logged into WoW because quite often I log in, and a kid needs something, and 2 hours later I see my toon log itself off and I really didn’t play any.

I’ve spent $1085 on Warcraft.┬áThat’s my $14.99 sub fee each month (I really should buy the 6 month one), expansions, name changes, an authenticator, and some character transfers and 3 Blizzcons. That’s not too bad.

If I divide it by my time played, that’s $2.46 per day played.

Where else can you get a day of fun for $2.46?

I didn’t count my WoW shirts, hairbows, stickers on my cars, sweatshirt, food, gas or parking at blizzcon. You could probably add in another $500 total for that, as I live close by Blizzcon and don’t eat much (or drink much).

The friends, fun, and accomplishments I have had while playing WoW are just like that corny commercial; priceless.



Conversations with Sonic

Sonic is my 4 year old. I was making dinner and singing a song.


Sonic: Mom, shut up

Me: That’s not nice to say. You should say my singing is beautiful.

Sonic: Your singing is beautiful.

Me: Thank you

Sonic: Look at the Bee (fly), it is dancing to the music. It is dancing because your song is beautiful. The bee likes dancing to the beautful music.

Me: It’s a fly, I need to kill it.

Sonic: No! It’s my friend. It likes your beautiful music. It’s playing hide a seek.

Me: Ok. But here’s your dinner

Sonic: You can kill it now. I am done playing with it.


Kids can be so funny.


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